When you are ready to sell, will your Real Estate Broker make your home look Average in online advertising and video tours, or will it look Remarkable?  

 At Michael Lavigne Real Estate Services, We Deliver REMARKABLE.

These are a just a few examples of our work on behalf of our clients BEFORE their home goes on the market. 

Seascape Uplands, SOLD! By MIchael Lavigne  (Services provided to client:  repainting, artwork rearrangement, accessorizing/staging)

Seascape Beach Estates, SOLD!  By Michael Lavigne (remodeled, new fireplace facing, new hardwood flooring, new finish carpentry, new color scheme, new furnishings/staging)

Seacliff Bluffs, SOLD!  By Michael Lavigne  (Exterior siding  was stripped and restained/resurfaced, all exterior trim repainted, high dynamic range twilight photography to highlight the improvements)

Heritage Landing Santa Cruz, SOLD!  By Michael Lavigne  (Refinished cabinets, new color scheme, accessorizing, and staging prior to listing, along with high dynamic range professional photography)

Seascape Beach Condo, SOLD! By Michael Lavigne   (Relandscaping at front entry and driveway area, new fending and paint, new plantings, to enhance previously dreary curb appeal)

Seascape Beach Home, SOLD! By Michael Lavigne  (remodel of kitchen, new color scheme, refinished kitchen cabinets, and  replace old tile with new granite and new tumbled stone, new tile flooring, whole-house staging, high dynamic range photography)

THINKING ABOUT SELLING? Don't settle for AVERAGE, Contact Michael Lavigne for REMARKABLE!   

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