First Impressions Are Critical:

Long before prospective buyers find the kitchen when they arrive at a home, or search for the master suite & bath, a far more important 'room' forms their initial impressions.

When Buyers pull up to a home, it is said that most form an opinion within the first 90 seconds of their arrival at the propertyThat first impression is critical, because it sets the tone for the remainder of their tour.

The most important "room" of a home, therefore, is 'Curb Appeal'. 

Below are the 'After' and 'Before' photos of a home we listed and Sold! with multiple offers in Aptos.

Improving curb appeal, prior to offering  the home for sale on the open market, was a huge influence on the sale of this home:

5 Tips to Enhance Curb Appeal

1. Bust clutter

“Clutter,” of course, is in the eye of the beholder, so think of it this way: Buyers need to imagine your home as their own, with their possessions and their style. Go for a clean, streamlined look. Tips for doing this around your home include:

  • Remove bikes, skateboards, trash cans, garden tools and other evidence of bustling family life.
  • Walk around the house with a garbage can, tossing scraps of paper and plastic, branches, leaves, dog waste and anything else that doesn’t belong in the yard.
  • Eliminate all but a few carefully selected pots and pieces of outdoor furniture.

2. Freshen the entry

Clean the front door and give it a couple of coats of paint. Remove screen doors entirely.

Temporarily emove everything, including furniture and pots, from the porch, deck or entry and give the entire area a thorough cleaning. If the flooring at the entry is dated, we recommend replacing it with a more current look. Repaint or touch up siding and trim where needed in the entry area.

Finally, consider a new or custom front door to give the home a well-tended look. Polish any metal knobs and fixtures; replace outdated brass fixtures with a more up-to-date look with brushed nickel or bronze. Place a planted pot on each side of the front door, and purchase a fresh doormat.  We sold this home in Aptos with multiple offers, and the re-fresh of the entry included 1) a new custom oversized door, painted in Classic Gray for understated elegance 2) new porcelain tile flooring at the landing area 3) freshly painted exterior siding 4) new plants   5) a new door mat 6) a well-cleaned and polished older light fixture.

We listed and Sold! this luxury coastal home in Aptos with Multiple Offers for $2,495,000.  This elegant new front door, with new hardware, new stone tile on the front steps, a fresh doormat, polished lamp, and fresh paint, set the tone for the rest of the upgrades to this property:

3. Add front-door color

A bright note of contrasting color can bring a home’s front door to life. The trick is to choose colors that complement your home’s exterior landscaping and colors.

This is the new entry door, new hardware, new light fixture, fresh potted flowers and a new welcome mat for a home we listed and Sold! with multiple offers in Santa Cruz:

4. Add living space outdoors

If your porch, deck or garden has extra useable space or a niche that is not filled, consider installing furnishings that expand the home’s living space into the outdoors. Outdoor spaces that are inviting and comfortable are a trendy attraction for homebuyers.

Suggestions include adding an inexpensive indoor-outdoor rug,  deck furniture, mood lighting, dining or barbecuing areas, or an outdoor bar.

In this photo from a luxury coastal view home that we Sold! in the Seacliff area of Aptos for $1,750,000 a porch swing seat dresses up an otherwise unused outdoor patio:

5. Repaint the exterior

Repainting the outside of your home isn’t a low-budget option. But if the home is ready for a paint job and you can swing it, a new coat of paint seriously pumps up curb appeal.

Here's one example of a home that we listed and sold in Santa Cruz, with before and after images of a fresh exterior coat paint and updated landscaping:

6. Paint trim

If you can’t paint the entire home, paint the trim — or just the window trim — in an accent color. This is a relatively simple upgrade that provides plenty of pop.

7. Replace entry fixtures

Old light fixtures often seem unappealing to buyers. By contrast, new exterior light fixtures can quickly give a home an updated look.

While you’re at it, replace the house numbers, the entry-door lock set and front-door mailslot. Brushed nickel gives a contemporary look, while an oiled bronze finish works well in traditional homes.  This is an older home with new brushed nickel hardware and a new brushed nickel light fixture, a fresh coat of paint on the siding and trim,  and a lightly decorated/uncluttered entry area:  

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